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Free Simpleware ScanIP 7.0 Webinar - Dec 11th 2014

8am-9am GMT or 5pm-6pm GMT


The latest release of Simpleware’s 3D image processing and model generation software includes new features designed to enhance visualisation, analysis and segmentation of 3D image data. Features include a particles analyser, centreline tools and new physics modules for calculating effective material properties using homogenisation techniques. 

Learn about the new features and updates that have been added to version 7.0, including: 

• New animation tools 

• Easier segmentation of particles with watershed tool 

• New centrelines editor 

• Boundary layer meshing for FE models 

• New Abaqus CFD export option 

• Orientation overlays for medical applications 

• ROI-defined boundary straightening 

• Mesh snapshots 

• Improved transparency visualisation 

• Improved slice planes 

• ROI creation from a mask’s shape 

You will also discover the new add-on physics modules: +SOLID, +FLOW, and +LAPLACE. 

Version 7.0 significantly extends the software’s ability to bridge scan data with CAD, CAE and 3D printing, reinforcing Simpleware’s leadership in 3D image-based modelling. The new release also maintains the software’s easy-to-use interface and scripting capabilities, and is fully supported by expert engineers and comprehensive documentation.

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