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Multiple bifurcations in wrinkling analysis of thin films on compliant substrates

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F. Xu, M. Potier-Ferry, S. Belouettar, H. Hu

International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics (2014),



Wrinkling phenomena of stiff thin films on compliant substrates are investigated based on a non-linear finite element model. The resulting non-linear equations are then solved by the Asymptotic Numerical Method (ANM) that gives interactive access to semi-analytical equilibrium branches, which offers considerable advantage of reliability compared with classical iterative algorithms. Bifurcation points are detected through computing bifurcation indicators well adapted to the ANM. The effect of boundary conditions and material properties of the substrate on the bifurcation portrait is carefully studied. The evolution of wrinkling patterns and post-bifurcation modes including period-doubling has been observed beyond the onset of the primary sinusoidal wrinkling mode in the post-buckling range.

Keywords: Wrinkling; Post-buckling; Thin film; Bifurcation; Period-doubling; Path-following technique.


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