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How to determine elastic constants of transversely isotropic material by tension experiment?

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Hello. I am working to design an experiment to  determine elastic constants of transversely isotropic material (also plastic-like material). There are five independent coefficients, and with experiment methods described in this paper doi:10.1016/j.ijrmms.2011.12.004, I need to carry out at least 3 tensile experiments. In the experiments, I need to measure not only the tensile strain-stress curve, but also at least one transverse strain to determine the poisson's ratio in the plane of transverse isotropy to a stress acting parallelly to it.


My question is, how to determine all elastic constants of transversely isotropic material by tension experiment, without measuring the transverse strain? Is it possible?


I want to discuss this, because that compared with axial strain, transverse strain is hard to measure in the experiment. Any comments are welcome.





It would take many tensile tests. For instance, consider the xy isotropic plane first, perform tensile tests in the 0deg and 45deg. Using stiffness transformation equations you can determine Qxx and Qxy, where Qxy will give you Poisson's Ratio. Perform similar experiments in yz and xz planes. But measuring Poisson's ratio directly is still the easiest.

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Another possibility: perform a more complex experiment, measure strain fields with DIC, grid method or ESPI and use inverse identification (Virtual Fields Method).;jsessionid=97075227E2FFB805EEE20EA498BA6655.f01t03

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