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3D FEA of stress concentration

Dear all,


I am simulating tensile specimens with an elliptical pore(representing a flaw in the material) in the mid-cross section of the specimen. What I am looking for is the stress concentration caused by this pore.

I am simulating this as a 3D specimen under tensile loading only, with 3D, 8-node linear brick elements(1st order). Now my questions are:

1- Is there any analytical solution for such problems(3D with elliptical pore) with which I can compare my FEA results?

2- Should I get a converged value for stress concentration factor as I refine the mesh?

Attached you can see the FE model cut in half.


Thank you in advace for any hints!


Image icon Pore.png81.26 KB


Regarding question1: or at least some kind of approximation method which I can use as a reference to get a sense how correct my FE estimation of stress concentration factor is.

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