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Error jump of displacement in submodeling

Hi everyone,

I'm a PhD student in the first year. My PhD subject is to numerically study the low cycle fatigue (LCF) using the Abaqus software. Currently, I met a error in my simulation as below:

- I simulated a gobal model whose materials are integrated by elasto-visco-plastic behaviors under thermal cycles for obtain displacements of driven nodes (will be used to submodel) in a steady cycle (e.x sixth cycle).
- Then I simulated a submodel
with a refined mesh (a local moceau interested in the global model) and applied displacements of the driven nodes in stable cycle (e.x sixth cycle) to deal only bahavior of that submodel. However there existed a convergence error by a jump of displacements of initial increment in submodel (initial displacements of driven nodes in the sixth cycle of global model coressponding to the first step in submodel are not null). Indeed,  that jump of displacement occurs by elastic-visco-plastic effect in the global model.

I lost quite a lot of time to solve this problem but not possible. I hope you can give me a solution or suggestion to solve this problem?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards.


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