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Calculating effective material properties from 3D images: new solutions

The ScanIP Physics Modules +SOLID, +FLOW and +LAPLACE

Researchers and analysts working with 3D image data (CT, micro-CT, FIB-SEM…) of complex materials face a number of challenges when attempting to reconstruct and obtain information from scans. One particular challenge involves being able to compute material properties (such as solid, flow and electrical properties) from scanned samples without having to use significant computational resources, or without combining multiple types of software.

At Simpleware, we have worked on creating software tools that make it easier for analysts and researchers to get more out of their image data, and provide a number of different methods for visualising, processing and exporting data as models. To complement the ability to segment and compute statistics (pores, surface areas…) from image data in ScanIP and export FE/CFD models in +FE, our recently released Physics Modules offer a new solution for calculating the effective material properties of scanned samples.

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You might also want to take a look at SwiftComp, which can deliver you the complete set of multiphysics properties without applying any boundary conditions. The code can be found in the cloud platform at

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