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How to run multiple jobs sequentially using windows 8.1 and Abaqus 6.11?

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Dear all,

I have to do a lot of analysis and I would like to have one job run, and after that is finished, run the next job.

How to make this possible?


Thanks in advance!

This is the sort of thing a queuing system does, but that's probably overkill for you. You can run multiple commands in sequence in Windows by separating them with an ampersand (&) character. For example:

cmd1 arg1 arg2 & cmd2 arg1 arg2

For Abaqus, you'll have something like this:

abq6141 interactive job=jobname1 cpus=4 & abq6141 interactive job=jobname2

This assumed Abaqus 6.14-1, modify the command if that's not your version. The "interactive" option makes sure the first job completes before the second starts.

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The text underneath is from a customer help site of Simulia that is, regrettably, no longer active.
Good luck


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      Scheduling analysis jobs to run sequentially on Windows
      How do I schedule Abaqus analysis jobs to run sequentially on Windows machines?

(This answer applies to all versions.)

To schedule a set of jobs to run at some particular time on Windows systems, it is necessary to activate the scheduler service, which is inactive by default on Windows systems. Scheduling a job may require administrative privileges.

You need to create a batch file that will run your jobs sequentially. The batch file should change to the directory where you want to run the job and, then, launch Abaqus (using the full path to the Abaqus commands directory) interactively. Running interactively will prevent the batch file from launching the next job before the first is complete.

Here is an example batch file, nightjobs.bat, that will run 3 input files, job1.inp, job2.inp, and job3.inp, sequentially: The input files are located in the directories job1_dir, job2_dir, and job3_dir on the D drive.

The listing of  nightjobs.bat is:

    cd \job1_dir
    call c:\abaqus\commands\abaqus.bat j=job1 -seq
    cd \job2_dir
    call c:\abaqus\commands\abaqus.bat j=job2 -seq
    cd \job3_dir
    call c:\abaqus\commands\abaqus.bat j=job3 -seq

To schedule this batch file to start running this evening at 7pm, in an Abaqus command window enter at the command .prompt

at 19:00 D:\temp\nightjobs.bat

where the batch file is located in the directory d:\temp.

This will start the jobs at 7pm. The full path to the batch file is required.

Additional Notes:

    * You must include the call commands in the batch file. When a batch program runs another batch program, execution/control is transferred to the second batch file. The call command allows the second batch file to return control to the first batch file.

    * If you want to start the jobs immediately, execute the batch file without using the  at command.

    * Enter at /? to view the AT command usage information.

    * Enter at to view the list of pending jobs.

    * Enter at id /delete to cancel a submitted job.

See also:

    * How to run a sequence of Abaqus analysis jobs
    * Running Abaqus using batch queues

I am guessing the above the answers probably solved your problem but for the sake of completeness, I would also like to share that you could run Abaqus using matlab and then queue jobs there. It's a little bit of a hassle but I've managed to write a single matlab .m script which creates multiple python scripts, runs them using the abaqus python interface to create the input files and then queues the job automatically. It's splending for performing paramteric studies especially in problems containing uncertainities such as FRP composites.

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