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Symposium on "Mechanics & Physics of Soft Materials" at SES 2015 in TAMU

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Symposium Title: “Mechanics & Physics of Soft Materials”

Organizers: Oscar Lopez-Pamies, Xuanhe Zhao, Yuhang Hu & Stephan Rudykh

Sessions: 4

Abstract: Over the past few years, the study of soft materials has driven our community into new exciting directions. Large deformations coupled with non-mechanical fields as well as instabilities of soft materials can be immensely rich. As a result, they offer unique opportunities to design multifunctional materials and devices with novel properties, through the appropriate design of material composition and microstructural layout. This mini-symposium will address recent experimental, computational, theoretical and manufacturing advances in this direction. Topics of particular interest include: (a) Electroactive and magnetoactive elastomers; (b) Liquid crystal elastomers; (c) Shape-memory and light-sensitive polymers; (d) Responsive gels and Ionic Polymer-Metal Composites (IPMC); (e) Robust soft materials such as tough hydrogels and elastomers; (f) Microstructural   and material instabilities; (g) 3D printing of soft materials; and (h) Soft biological tissues and bio-inspired materials; (i) Wave propagation in soft matter.


Important dates: Jun. 26: Abastracts due

                         Jul. 10: Notification of abstract acceptance

                         Sep. 18: Early registration deadline

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