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IACMI Indiana Starts Hiring

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Purdue University is developing the composite virtual factory HUB (cvfHUB), a cutting-edge Cyber infrastructure platform for delivering integrated and validated commercial software tools to the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI), the fifth NNMI. This platform provides predictive capabilities through simulation and modeling to transform composites manufacturing. We are looking for highly motivated, creative, and innovative professionals to join us in this exciting and fast-paced effort. For the first phase, we are hiring multiple software engineers, validation engineers, and application engineers. Please find more details at


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For the first phase, we need to hire six engineers. These positions will be opne until filled.

Dear professor

I have applied for this position. How long it takes to know the outcome of my application.



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Please go to cdmHUB to ask questions and the status will also the updated there.

Thank you prof.


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