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end of file error during read text file

Dear friends,
I'm working on multiscale modeling of connective soft tissues. To this end, I employed abaqus to do computational homogenization. I faced with surprising problem during my research.
To compute the macroscopic stress, the initial volume of the RVE is needed. When the microscopic problem is solved the RVE initial volume is written in a text file. Then, during the macroscopic problem solution the volume is read from the file. This process is done perfectly in the first increment of the macroscopic problem solution but at the beginning of the second increment, "end of file error during read" error is encountered during reading the RVE volume from the text file. I use the REWIND command to move the pointer to the beginning of the file but it doesn't work. I checked the text file, it is ok and the volume value is written correctly in it.
How can i correct the error? what is the origin of it?
best regards.

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