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American Academy of Mechanics: Founder's Prize for Doctoral Candidates (Call for Applicants)

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Rui Huang's picture

Congratulations to Xuanhe Zhao and Yuebing Zheng for winning the 2007-2008 AAM Founder's Prize and Grant!

Their winning essays are available at AAM


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I described what I learned from Xuanhe in a previous post entitled Learning to be a PhD advisor.  Great students remind us of our own youthful days, and of our own ambition to make mechanics youthful.  Congratulations, Xuanhe!

Cai Shengqiang's picture

Great congratulations to Xuanhe!

Nanshu Lu's picture

This is a good reward for both Xuanhe's diligence  and intelligence. Good for you!

Andrew Norris's picture

Well deserved - I have learned a lot from your papers on electromechanical effects and look forward to future publications.


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Congratulations, Xuanhe, and best wish for more academic achievements in the years to come!

Such a wonderful news! Congratulatins! Work hard and achieve more. Best wishes for the Chinese new year!

Congratulations Xuanhe! I am very excited to work with you during 5 months!


Xuanhe Zhao's picture

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your good wishes! As a baby student in mechanics, I still have a lot to learn from Zhigang and from all you guys. 


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