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2008 Gordon Research Conference on Thin Film and Small-Scale Mechanical Behavior

We are pleased to officially announce the

2008 Gordon Research Conference on Thin Film and Small-Scale Mechanical Behavior

July 27 - August 1, 2008 at Colby College, Waterville Maine

The study of small-scale mechanical behavior remains at the forefront of research in materials science and applied mechanics. The impetus for the significant current activity in this field comes from the need to understand the critical roles of elasticity, plasticity, time-dependent deformation and fracture in small structures used in many modern technologies, including thin films for microelectronic, optical and MEMS devices, thermal barriers in gas turbines, and tribological coatings. It is recognized that material properties may change drastically when the specimen dimensions are small compared to certain physical and microstructural length scales. Furthermore, mechanical measurements at the nanometer or micrometer scale present significant new challenges, but also opportunities for direct comparisons to atomistic or micromechanical models. In addition, mechanical phenomena in small-scale biological structures offer enticing opportunities to researchers in materials science and applied mechanics, who are investigating these phenomena with concepts and methods originating in the conventional materials community.

If you have not participated in a GRC before, you might be interested to know that the format of this meeting is very unusual, with a strong emphasis on community-building and on discussion time. All talks are invited, there are very lively poster sessions, and afternoons are free for social interaction and exploring the beautiful state of Maine.

As Chair and Vice Chair, we encourage you to attend and actively participate in the conference, and we welcome your suggestions for topics and speakers. Further information will be posted at

Please note that the "Science of Adhesion" and "Physical Metallurgy" GRC's will NOT be held in 2008.

Chair: Richard P. Vinci (, Phone: 610-758-4581)

Vice Chair: Oliver Kraft (, Phone: +49 7247 82-4816)

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