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educational videos for materials

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In a materials class I am teaching, we show the students a set of videos for mechanical properties, dislocations (with bubble raft model), and strenghening mechanisms. Unfortunately, these videos are really out of date, probably made over twenty years ago. The physics in them remains sound, but the students are often not well impressed due to the poor old VHS quality. I wonder if there exist newly updated versions of similar videos that may be more impressive with the use of more recent technology. I am almost certain it exists somewhere, but don't know how to find it. Your help would be appreciated.




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I remember in the materials science courses I took at Harvard University (AP282, AP293), Prof. Frans Spaepen showed some videos, including bubble raft model demo and some computer generated video demos for dislocations. I found those videos very instructive. It seems all these educational materials are in a published dvd format.  I don't have further information of this dvd. You may want to contact Prof. Spaepen for more details.

Prof. Barrie Royce at Princeton University owns an educational website for a course "MAE 324: Structure and Properties of Material", which contains lots of animations on dislocations. These vivid animations are worth 1000s words. (unfortunately, I can't find the web address anymore).

Hope these hints helpful.


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