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mechanical properties

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Ph.D. Position at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UNCC

Ph.D. positions are available at the Multiscale Material Modeling Lab at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The Ph.D. students will develop and use tools such as machine learning, finite elements, and molecular dynamics to study the mechanical properties of materials. Candidates with a strong background and interest in solid mechanics, programming, and computational solid mechanics are encouraged to submit their CV to In your CV please include the name and contact information of three references.  

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3-point bending test procedure for obtaining flexural and shear modulus

In the case of orthotropic materials like wood or composites, transverse shear has an effect on the modulus determination by bending tests. A procedure based on three-point bending is proposed. The experimental data required are the load and displacement given by the testing machine. The novelties of the proposal are:

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Elastic behavior in porous materials

In the work shown here:

Multiscale modeling of effective elastic properties of fluid-filled porous materials

The elastic deformation and its dependence on fluid displacement is studied at two distinct scales, to address the multi-scale nature of porous structures in nature.




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Group Leader Position in Computational Materials Science

The Institute for General Material Properties of the Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) is inviting applications for a group leader in the area of Computational Materials Science. The Materials Modeling Group conducts research into the elementary defects of the crystalline lattice and on how their organization and interaction influence the mechanical properties and failure of metallic materials.

PhD Student Position in Mechanical Properties of Materials at the Micron Scale

Job description: We are seeking innovative and highly motivated PhD candidates to join the FROG lab in the mechanical engineering department at the University of Ottawa.

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PhD Position in Atomistic Simulations / Computational Nanomechanics

The Institute for General Material Properties of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) is seeking an outstanding PhD candidate to participate in a research-training group on in-situ microscopy on nanoscale objects.


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Hardness Evaluation of Biological Tissue Using Nanoindentation

The ability to accurately measure mechanical properties, using Nanoindentation, in the fields of Life Science has recently become an important aspect of many current studies. In some cases, understanding the mechanical properties of soft biological surfaces have helped uncover the mechanical effects of diseases. Understanding mechanical properties provides a context for identifying the local mechanical behavior linked to specific changes.

Royalty Free Illustrations

Does anyone know of a good source for free science and engineering illustrations? I'm particularly interested in crystallography, crystal defects/dislocations, and mechanical properties illustrations.


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Looking for a "Postdoc" position on Light weight materials, Nanocomposites, Lead-free solder materials, Electronic Materials etc

Dear All:

Greetings. I’m Dr. Md Ershadul Alam, got PhD from National University of Singapore (NUS) in Materials Science of Mechanical Engineering Department in 2010. Currently I’m working at Qatar University, Qatar in a collaborative project (with NUS) titled: “Development of Lightweight Magnesium based nanocomposites”.

Measuring mechanical properties of nanoparticle in nanocomposite using nanoindenter

Hi There,

I am going to measure the mechanical properties of nanoparticle in Nano composite using nanoindenter. I searched through the literature and I did not find any work that measure this individually and all of them measured properties of nanocomposite not the inclusion itself. ThanksAzadeh


Finite Element Modeling On Polymer Nanocomposite with Clay Nanofiller

I'm doing Mtech project on Finite Element Modeling On Polymer Nanocomposite with Clay Nanofiller.  For that am using ABAQUS software,  so i need some information regarding that ABAQUS software, how to do finite element modeling of nanocomposites with nanofiller and How to prepare a code distrubution in the plate like particales in the polymer matrix with ABAQUS software. So please can any give information.

Mechanical properties of unidirectional nanocomposites with non-uniformly/randomly staggered platelet distribution

Unidirectional nanocomposite structures with parallel staggered platelet reinforcements are widely observed in natural biological materials. Our recent paper, published in J. Mech. Phys. Solids, is aimed at an investigation of the stiffness, strength, failure strain and energy storage capacity of a unidirectional nanocomposite with non-uniformly or randomly staggered platelet distribution.

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Stiffening of organosilicate glasses by organic cross-linking

Atomistic simulations show that organosilicates, used as low-permittivity dielectric materials in advanced integrated circuits, can be made substantially stiffer than amorphous silica, while maintaining a lower mass density. The enhanced stiffness is achieved by incorporating organic cross-links to replace bridging oxygen atoms in the silica network. To elucidate the mechanism responsible for the enhanced stiffness, the conformational changes in the network upon hydrostatic and shear loading are examined.

soil mechanical properties for abaqus model

hi everybody

i am looking for soil mechanical properties for material definition in abaqus.

i need triaxial date or shear data for one type of soil,

can you introduse some database for this work.  

best regards


Viscosity of PMMA

I am looking for the value of Bulk viscosity and shear viscosity of PMMA at room temperature . If anybody has any idea i request for a help to supply the value to me


Thanking you

Best regards..


Ph.D. on Aircraft Alloys

Linkage Project under Grant from Australian Research Committee (ARC)

Topic: Structure and Properties of Aircraft Alloys Subjected to Equal Channel Angular Processing

 Industrial Partner: The Boeing Corp. Phantom Works, St Louis, USA 

Supervisor: Dr Peter Thomson, Department of Materials Engineering, Monash University 


(All my simulations and research is conducted under guidance of respected Dr. Henry Tan, Uni. of Manchester)


Post-Doctoral Opportunities on Molecular Modeling, Strachan Group, MSE, Purdue University

We are seeking to hire an outstanding candidate as a post-doctoral fellow to work on large-scale molecular dynamics of polymers and polymer composites. The project focuses on the characterization of the molecular mechanisms that govern the mechanical responseof these materials. The successful candidate will work in the Strachan group and will have the opportunity to interact with experimentalists and theoreticians in academia, industry and national labs.

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Mechanical Properties and Lattice Structure of Single Crystal 3C-SiC


I truly appriciate if anyone can help me find mechanical properties and crystal structure of beta SiC single crystals. Any reference or link will be highly appriciated


-Ashfaq Adnan


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