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PhD Student Position in Mechanical Properties of Materials at the Micron Scale

Job description: We are seeking innovative and highly motivated PhD candidates to join the FROG lab in the mechanical engineering department at the University of Ottawa.

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Fracture strength of micro- and nano-scale silicon components

Silicon devices are ubiquitous in many micro- and nano-scale technological applications, most notably microelectronics and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).  Despite their widespread usage, however, issues related to uncertain mechanical reliability remain a major factor inhibiting the further advancement of device commercialization.  In particular, reliability issues related to the fracture of MEMS components have become increasingly important given continued reductions in critical feature sizes coupled with recent escalations in both MEMS device actuation forces and harsh usage

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Mechanics of porous material

Hi all,

I am going simulate a plate of porous material (SiC) to evaluate its strengh.

Would someone share some knowledge on the mechanics of the porous materials.



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Effect of aggregate (coarse aggregate) size on conpressive strength of concrete


I want to know what is the effect of coarse aggregate size or size of the aggregate on compressive strength of concrete.And similarly what is effect of aggregate size on tensile strength of concrete.

I have few papers which contradicts each other so I am confused.

With Warm Regards


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