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Seeking a PHD position (with CSC funding)

I'm Xiaoliang Fang from BeiHang University, China, and  I am applying a doctoral study.


My previous research focus on the properties of the metal matrix composites,especially the mechanical properties,and I have published two papers. The first one named entitled "Study on improving “self-sharpening” capacity of W-Cu-Zn alloy by pressureless infiltration method" published in the journal MSEA (IF=2.409). The second one named "Investigation on the penetration performance and “self-sharpening” behavior of the 80W–14Cu–6Zn penetrators"  which is published in IJRMHM (IF=1.989) .


My current research is focused on  piezoelectric materials and sensors for structural health monitoring(SHM). By introducing nano graphene, I prepared Graphene/PZT/PVDF composite film of which the piezoelectric and dielectric properties were investigated systematacially. Moreover, based on the piezoelectric film, new sensor were fabricated for the application in SHM. My newest paper named "Investigation on large-area and flexible PZT/PVB/additives composite films for new piezoelectric sensor application" is now under review.


I have already passed the TOEFL English test, and my aggregate score is 85 (reading 26, listening 18, speaking 20 and writing 21), I'm skilled at writing academic articles.

For now, I am seeking a PHD position in the field of materials and SHM. I would be financially supported by China Scholarship Council(CSC), covering airfares, insurance fee and living cost, as long as my tuition could be exempted.



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