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Write out local material orientation

I have a vibration problem where I have assigned the local material orientation by assigning points a and b. By assigning points a and b, I define one material direction in my local coordinate system - direction 3. From Abaqus documentation, I understand that the other two directions are assigned to be orthogonal to the 3rd direction but are set somewhat arbitrarily. I want to write out the directions so that I know the three vectors defining all three directions of the local material orientation.

I found that I can write out the local orientation averaged at each node by using: 




This gives me data in my .dat file where every other line has the footnote: OR. When I look further into documentation, I understand that this is written out as Type 85 record type: the first three numbers are the three components of the first direction and the last three numbers are the three componetns of the second direction. 


Therefore, taking the cross product of these two vectors should give me the 3 direction. In addition, these two vectors should be orthogonal to one another. Neither of these two things are true. 


Is there another way to output all three components of the local material orientation? Or is this method correct? And if so, why aren't the first two directions orthogonal to one another?


I have attached both the input file and part of the dat file with the output.


Thank you for your help. 



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