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Stress Distribution in thin laminated Composites (Peperboard)

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Dear guys,

I am investigating on “Paperboard Material” for my PhD thesis. As you maybe know paperboard is generally a composite with several layers and whole thickness of around 0.4 mm all.

For the real application this very thin laminated structure would be under both shear and compression forces, and it is also very noticeable that it has also a translating velocity (for example in X direction) around 400 [m/min] in the real production line. Therefore, a big delamination would be occurred on the interfaces of the plies.

Now, I want somehow to distinguish the portion of the resulting shear and compression forces on the interfaces. But it is really a difficult job since it is very thin and working velocity is also so high.

In this case, I want to do some experimental test to evaluate and distinguish these resulting stresses (Shear and Compression) on one specific zone of this structure.


Maybe somebody some have any hint or idea (practically or analytically) about that? Some people who worked on laminated composite materials maybe are more expert in this area.


I would be happy to hear from you.

Hope the beset success for you as well!




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