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CFRP/Composite Adhesive lap joint.

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I want to simulate experimental result of a CFRP [45/0/-45/90]s single lap joint in ABAQUS.

I have given geometry, properties & graphical result in the uploaded images.

Yellow color plate in the joint geometry is the E-Glass end tabs to grab both the ends

of the joint in the hydraulic grips. The loading(shear) is carried out at 0.5mm/min.

Thichness of each ply is 0.12mm; so thickness(T) of one CFRP plate is 0.12*8 = 0.96mm.

Thickness of adhesive layer is 0.15mm.

Overlap length(L) is 10mm.

Note: Poisson's ratio for CFRP v31 is given as 0.0216. we will convert it to v13 which will be 0.33.

I have tried with conventional shell, assigning the properties and orientation to the mesh elements.

I have exluded the 40mm legth as 50 mm is the end-tab(E-glass) legth of each CFRP plate is 50mm.

Erorrs are coming related to step:-

1. Too many attempts made for this increment.

2. Time increment required is less than the minimum specified.

I am just a student so I don't know all the possible reasons for these errors. I have tried different values in increment but all in vain.


I want to see delamination. I am getting stiffness right..but I want the failure load as well which I am not getting.
Anyone can help me get the given graph, value of failure load and delamination simulation?

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Image icon Properties23.95 KB
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