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Thermo-mechanical analysis ( Heat transfer due to radiation and convection)

I know you place tremendous value on your time so I’ll be brief.
I am trying to do a thermo-mechanical analysis of a closed region (H=75cm). In this region, at the bottom, the Temperature is around 700 degree. A structural beam is placed at the height of 25 cm from the bottom surface in closed region.
I want to simulate the heat transfer from the bottom surface to beam due to convection (because air is there as a medium in closed region) and radiation.
So, I am looking forward valuable suggestions from everyone to solve this problem and to understand the following points:-
1. Can we define air as a medium for heat transfer in abaqus? , if yes then How?
2. How can I define heat transfer by radiation and convection simultaneously to beam?
I am a newcomer for thermo-mechanical analysis. I am waiting for your valuable response.



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Hi Manish,

I have been experinced in thermo-mechanical modelling of glass molding processs where I had something similar kind of issues. The problem you are talking about seems to be simple in one go.

Modelling of heat transfer from bottom surface to the beam may be difficult in FE analysis. However, I feel you can estimate the heat transfer coefficent due to buyoancy driven heat transfer from the bottom surface to the structural beam in FLUENT. Implement this as convection boundary condition in FE( which is simple)

Other way to look at it is do a coupled CFD-FE analysis (something like solid-fluid interaction problem) in ABAQUS itself where the fluid can be air and the structure can be the beam (I am not experienced much on this. Just an idea!).

Modelling of convection is simple for thermomechanical analysis in ABAQUS as I mentioned earlier. Radiation as such options are available in ABAQUS which can be specified as contact interaction. But radiation is not as simple problem as it seems to be. You may need to get into the background how ABAQUS works on radiations problems and does it satisfy the way you wanted it to be.

I hope it helps.


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