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ABAQUS UMAT thermal expansion

Thermo-mechanical analysis ( Heat transfer due to radiation and convection)

I know you place tremendous value on your time so I’ll be brief.
I am trying to do a thermo-mechanical analysis of a closed region (H=75cm). In this region, at the bottom, the Temperature is around 700 degree. A structural beam is placed at the height of 25 cm from the bottom surface in closed region.
I want to simulate the heat transfer from the bottom surface to beam due to convection (because air is there as a medium in closed region) and radiation.

how abaqus obtain DSTRAN by using UMAT for non-isothermal case

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Hi, all,

I recently encounted a big question regarding to the temperature dependent UMAT case. 

I used the UMAT for non-isothermal elasticity as followed. The DDSDDE calculating part is not shown here.

You can see that I output  ETHERM(K1),EELAS(K1),STRAN(K1),DSTRAN(K1) at the beginning of the code.

And this UMAT also saves ETHERM and EELAS to state variable array.

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