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Certification training on Fatigue Durability and Fracture Mechanics


In-Depth, Real-Time Training Programs


Online, Offline, Certification Training Programs


We offer real time online, offline, classroom, practical training programs. Covering from basic theory to advanced practical implementation of the same. Our team is highly qualified with decades of experience in the field and guided several PhD Scholars and students

Course 1 : Non-Linear FEM Analysis

Non-Linear FEM is an advanced FEM Course covering Linear, Nonlinear – Material, Geometry, Boundary Conditions, Static and Nonlinear Transient Dynamics, Nonlinear Thermal Analysis and Advanced Multi Domain Simulations and beyond

Ask for SyllabusRegister Today ! Course 2 : Fatigue, Durability and Life Assessment

Fatigue, Durability Analysis : Fundamentals of Modern Metal Fatigue Analysis, Stress-life (S-N) analysis, Strain-life (E-N) analysis, Signal processing for fatigue, Bi-axial and Multiaxial fatigue, Fatigue of welded joints, Statistics in fatigue, Factors influencing fatigue, Thermo-mechanical Fatigue,
Creep Fatigue Interaction, Fatigue of Rotating components and beyond

Course 3 : Fracture Mechanics - 3D Crack Growth Simulation

Fundamentals of Fracture Mechanics, 3D Fracture Mechanics Simulation, Fatigue Analysis, Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics, Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics, Computational Fracture Mechanics, Test Methods,
Fatigue Life Prediction, Methodologies

Ask for SyllabusRegister Today !  Course 4 : Failure Analysis, Failure Investigation

Failure, Dynamic, SIF, M & J Integral. Failure analysis team does an detailed mechanical, material and metallurgical studies in predicting the source of failure, failure mechanisms, mode of failure. basically involves failure investigation and forensic services.

Ask for SyllabusRegister Today !  Course 5 : Multi Disciplinary Optimisation

Multi Disciplinary Optimisation – Material, Boundary Condition, Geometry. Multi Domain / Multi physics problems and its solving mechanisms. For Eg. Fluid Structure Interactions.

Ask for SyllabusRegister Today !  Special Course : Physical Testing - Fatigue, Fracture

physical testing of product – at component level, system level for evaluation of mechanical, thermal, vibration, fatigue life, fracture, EMI/EMC behaviours and certification of the same. This team develops customised testing procedures for a product or process and also develops the machine required for such testing. Testing Manual Development is one of the leading activity carried our with instrumented machine development.


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