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Simulation of surfaces interaction in 2d model in Abaqus

Dear Subscribers 

I am a new abacus user and I am trying to simulate the interaction between two

the surfaces of 2 different parts and materials. Does anybody knows how can I proceed 

in this simulation procedure. With pleasure any answer will be helpful from my work.

Thank you in advance


Plesae go through following chapters of the Abaqus user guide:

Chapter 36, “Defining Contact Interactions”

Chapter 37, “Contact Property Models”

Chapter 38, “Contact Formulations and Numerical Methods”

Chapter 39, “Contact Difficulties and Diagnostics”

Chapter 40, “Contact Elements in Abaqus/Standard”

Chapter 41, “Defining Cavity Radiation in Abaqus/Standard”


Dear Subscriber 

thank you for your answe It will be very helpful for me.



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