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Call for Abstracts SES - Mechanics of Polymers with Dynamic Bonds

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Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to submit an abstract to "Mechanics of Polymers with Dynamic Bonds" (Symposium C-3) at the Society for Engineering Science annual conference this fall. SES will take place Oct 2-5, 2016 at the University of Maryland. The abstract deadline is June 15th. Further conference details can be found at


Rong Long, University of Colorado, Boulder

Meredith Silberstein, Cornell University

Qiming Wang, University of Southern California


Symposium C-3: Mechanics of Polymers with Dynamic Bonds:

Polymers with dynamic bonds have shown great capability in adapting their environment and exhibiting unprecedented properties, such as high-toughness, self-healing and mechanochromism. In this emerging field, dynamic bonds, including reversible covalent bonds and non-covalent bonds (such as ionic bonds, hydrogen bonds, metal-ligand coordinations and hydrophobic interactions), have been utilized to program macroscopic responses of polymers by regulating their molecular architectures. From a fundamental perspective, development of predictive models that connect the macroscopic mechanical behaviors of these polymers to the corresponding molecular mechanisms is a challenging endeavor. The proposed symposium will address recent experimental, computational and theoretical advances in this burgeoning field. Topics of particular interest include: (a) Tough hydrogels and elastomers; (b) Self-healing polymers; (c) Mechanochemically responsive polymers; (d) Covalently adaptable polymers; (e) Photoresponsive polymers; and (f) Electromagnetically responsive polymers.


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