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Siconos 4.0.0 is out !!

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Dear Colleagues,

A brand new Siconos 4.0.0 is out !! Siconos is now distributed under Apache 2.0 license.

What is Siconos ?

Siconos is an open-source scientific software primarily targeted at modeling and simulating nonsmooth dynamical systems in C++ and in Python:

 + Mechanical systems (rigid or solid) with unilateral contact and Coulomb friction and impact (nonsmooth mechanics, contact dynamics, multibody systems dynamics or granular materials).

 + Switched Electrical Circuit such as electrical circuits with ideal and piecewise linear components: power converter, rectifier, Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) or Analog-to-Digital converter.

 + Sliding mode control systems.

 + Biology (Gene regulatory network).

Other applications are found in Systems and Control (hybrid systems, differential inclusions, optimal control with state constraints), Optimization (Complementarity systems and Variational inequalities), Fluid Mechanics, and Computer Graphics.

The source code (zip and tar.gz) can be found on github :

We are now working on the release candidate 4.1.0 that can be forked from our github repo master branch.

Binary packages for linuxes are coming soon ...

We have also improved our documentation at even if it still lacks some polish.

As usual, your feedback comments are welcome.

We have also started to feed our YouTube channel,

So, if you have any nice applications made with Siconos, please do not hesitate to contribute.  We are interested in showcasing Siconos at work!

All the best,

Vincent A. for the Siconos team


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