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Modeling finite number of mass/stiffness systems on an elastic media

I have to model finite number of springs with point masses on a soil layer in Abaqus representing resonators. I tried to use Reference Points on the soil layer and some Reference point above the layer and connect them with Spring/Dashpots using connecting two nodes option, I chose Line of action for the spring, then I add stiffness. In the next step I applied Point mass as inertia to the reference points above the soil. 

I imposed Rayleigh wave to the model and as you know it moves in an ellipse and I expect springs and masses moves in similar way but I did not see this movement in them. Then I modify model by choosing d.o.f option in spring/dashpots to give the system real behaviour. 

The problem is that I did not get proper response. These resonator systems are working with lower frequency that I expected. I did what I can like defining contact models between soil and springs but I did not came to conclusion. 
I appreciate if any one can help me solving this issue. 
Many thanks in advance.

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