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Modeling finite number of mass/stiffness systems on an elastic media

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I have to model finite number of springs with point masses on a soil layer in Abaqus representing resonators. I tried to use Reference Points on the soil layer and some Reference point above the layer and connect them with Spring/Dashpots using connecting two nodes option, I chose Line of action for the spring, then I add stiffness. In the next step I applied Point mass as inertia to the reference points above the soil. 

Cant solve "too many attempts made for this increment"-issue on some models

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Hello at all,


I have some serious issues with some of my models in Abaqus 6.14. I need to simulate shear failure to investigate the influence of concrete strength and fracture energy on the size effect. So far, everything went good. I calculated almost 100 models without any problem with exactly the same model (only materials changed). But: For the combination of concrete strength fck=50MPa and a fracture energy of Gf=60N/m or Gf=80N/m, the calculations will stop after a short time although the .odb file shows only some minor bending cracks in the beam

Through thickness residual stress

I am modeling through thickness residual stresses as follows:
*Initial Conditions, Type=Stress, Section Points
all_elements, 1, 50,25, 0
all_elements, 2, 50,25, 0
all_elements, 3, 50,25, 0
all_elements, 4, 50,25, 0
ABAQUS documentation 6.14:


First line:

Element number or element set label.
Section point number.
Value of first stress component.
Value of second stress component.
Etc., up to three stress components.
I got this warning:

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