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Modeling finite number of mass/stiffness systems on an elastic media

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I have to model finite number of springs with point masses on a soil layer in Abaqus representing resonators. I tried to use Reference Points on the soil layer and some Reference point above the layer and connect them with Spring/Dashpots using connecting two nodes option, I chose Line of action for the spring, then I add stiffness. In the next step I applied Point mass as inertia to the reference points above the soil. 

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Sharing a book draft on the vibration analysis of quartz crystal resonators

In collaborations with industrial engineers on the design and analysis of quartz crystal plate resonators, which involves the high frequency vibrations of piezoelectric plates with Mindlin plate equations, we have to go through the details of plate equations for every stages in the analysis.  In addition, complications and bias fields are also considered.  We have put together our papers and written a draft of a book detailing essential equations and methods.  We now share this draft with you if you would like to read some documents to know insights on this particular subject.

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