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How to develop a new constitutive model from scratch?

Dear all  iMechanica, I wonder if there is any good  material on constitutive modeling that explains how to develop a new constitutive model from scratch, e.g. from the experimental data say uniaxial tension and compression. Where should one start to develop a new constitutive model? What laws should the model obey?  These questions perhaps are addressed in many continuum mechanics text books. but I am looking for materials that explain in a concise (short) and easy to understand way. Perhaps some good constitutive  modeling papers, or some lecture notes?  Any hints will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. 


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I collected a few items on constitutive models from my teaching notes.

Thank You very much for the notes!


Besides the excellent Notes recommended by Prof. Suo, I found resources provided by Prof. A.F. Bower which explains concisely the question I asked.


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