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Fatigue - Entropy Theory - A video presentation

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This video presents our work on a new definition of Life-Time based on Thermodynamics State Index. Where life-span prediction of organic and inorganic systems can be done computationally without phenomenological models.This video was created by Professors Leonid Sosnovskiy,(Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine, and Honored Scientist of the Republic of Belarus), Sergei Sherbakov (Prof. of Theoretical Mechanics at Belarus State University)  and Cemal Basaran (Prof. of Solid Mechanics at University at Buffalo, SUNY) based on the universal phenomenon of  thermodynamic state change (degradation) of inorganic and organic physical systems. This video is the result of their work on unification of  Mechanics and Thermodynamics.  The new unified theory defines a new concept of Life-Time,  aimed to define the modern theory of evolution of the universe.  Mathematical and experimental proof of the theory is available in publications by  the authors and by other researchers in the literature. Mathematical proof of the theory is in Journal Entropy 2016

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