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continuum thermomechanics

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Thermodynamic Modeling of Void Evolution, Fatigue, and Tribo-Wear

Call for Abstracts

Dear colleagues,

We are organizing a symposium on

Thermodynamic Modeling of Void Evolution, Fatigue, and Tribo-Wear

at the 19th U.S. National Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, June 19-24, 2022, taking place in Austin, Texas, USA.

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Ecoflex polymer : Comprehensive experimental study and constitutive modelling

We have published two papers on Ecoflex, a popular silicone polymer in recent days. The polymer is largely temperature- and strain rate-insensitive. It comes up with several Shore Hardnesses. We characterize five Shores and develop a novel Shore-dependent modelling framework

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Musings on continuum thermodynamic formalism and (yet another) damage model

A technique for setting up generalized continuum theories based on a balance law and nonlocal thermodynamics is suggested. The methodology does not require the introduction of gradients of the internal variable in the free energy. Elements of a generalized damage model with porosity as the internal variable are developed as an example.

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