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Experimental analysis of prepreg tack

Dear all, I post a study dealing with tack of prepreg materials. This kind of composite materials is increasingly used in the design of structural parts, particularly in the aerospace industry.Tack is one of the major properties that governs the ability of prepreg to be laid up. To investigate this property, we have developed a probe tack test to evaluate the effect of the temperature, the contact time, the contact force and the debonding rate on it.

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Experimental temperature field at the crack tip in a natural rubber

Dear colleagues, this is a paper on the experimental determination of temperature field at the crack tip in a natural rubber using a motion compensation technique. The contribution of the non-uniformity of the IR detectors and the Narcissus effect is taking into account to determine the temperature field.


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Cyclic volume changes in rubber

This is a study dealing with the volume variation in filled crystallizable natural (F-NR) and uncrystallizable styrene butadiene (F-SBR) rubbers subjected to cyclic loadings. During their deformation, such materials exhibit volume variation induced by the cavitation phenomenon and the decohesion between particles and the rubber matrix.

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Volume variation in filled and unfilled natural rubber : competition between cavitation and stress-induced crystallization

this is a study on the competition between cavitation and stress-induced crystallization during the deformation of cis-1,4 polyisoprene rubber. During deformation, this kind of material exhibits volume variation induced by both phenomena. In this study, we propose to measure this volume variation by an original full-field measurement technique. The high resolution of this technique allows us to identify characteristic stretch ratios during mechanical cycles.

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