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Vortex theory of electromagnetism and its non-Euclidean character

Although the theory of electrodynamics has been around for a long time, its fundamental geometrical character has not been understood.  My knowledge in continuum mechanics, especially vortex theory in fluid mechanics and rigid body dynamics, has enabled me to complete the theory of relativity and reveal the hidden geometric character of electrodynamics.  Amazingly, everything in electrodynamics is about rotation, vorticity and mean curvature.  

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New perspective on Couple Stress theory resolving the indeterminacy issue

Dear fellow Mechanicians,We have done this research on couple stress theory which we believe has resolved the problem of indeterminacy in the spherical part of the couple-stress tensor and the appearance of the body couple in the constitutive relation for the force-stress tensor  (Mindlin and Tiersten, 1962).I humbly request you to read the paper and give me your feedback.

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