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ABAQUS: Access stress of integration point of elements during calculation

Hi all,

I'm using ABAQUS and UMAT for structural simulation. I used quadratic element (CPS4) with 4 integration points (IP).

During the calculation (which calling my UMAT), at each time step, for each element, I need to calculate the average stress of these IPs and produce a state variable for these IPs from this average stress. Then, I would need to update this state variable back to these IPs in that element. But as far as I know, the ABAQUS call UMAT for every IP and calculate everything within this current IP.

So, I was wondering if there is any way to access stress of all 4 IPs (for each element) at the same time? 

I think because the ABAQUS would need stress and state variable of a IP of the previous step when it comes to that IP, the ABAQUS should store all these information somewhere (as an array containing element number, integration point number, stress, strain, state variable 1, state variable 2, for example). Thus, I think we could access and modify this array in a step.

Please let me know if you have any way or other suggestion for this concern.

Thank you a lot.



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