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Webinar - Advanced Meshing using the +FE Module, Mar 22-23

Simpleware Webinar

Webinar: Advanced Meshing using the +FE Module, Mar 22-23

Mar 22 -

Mar 23 -

Free registration: watch live or download later

Attend this webinar focused on the +FE meshing module in the Simpleware software suite. Learn how to generate high quality multi-part volume meshes for export to Finite Element (FE) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) packages.

The topics covered will include:

  • An overview of the image-based meshing workflow carried out in Simpleware to generate simulation-ready models
  • Advanced settings in the model configuration dialog to customise mesh element sizes
  • Per-part mesh coarseness and region-specific mesh refinement tools
  • Tips and tricks for inspecting and improving mesh quality

This webinar is aimed at existing and new users of the Simpleware software suite, with opportunities to ask questions about the +FE module.


Patrick Tompsett (Application Engineer, Synopsys Simpleware Group) 

Patrick joined the Simpleware Support team in 2013 after completing an MEng in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Exeter.

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