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Turn your computer codes into Apps connected to HPC in the Cloud

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Dear Imechanicians, I hope this turns out to be useful for some of you who are interested in sharing their computer codes. We are working on a free platform,, to allow users to quickly turn your scripts into Apps connected with HPC power in the cloud. Currently, the system can easily handle Linux or Windows executables. We are developing new functionalities so that other typical scripts such as Abaqus UMATs, Python scripts, matlab scripts can also be disseminated as launchable Apps in cloud. No change of your codes is necessary. These Apps can be executed on any device connected to Internet through a broswer. Of course, you have complete control of your code and you decide who can use your code. cdmHUB also provides many functionalities such as secure groups, projects, discussion boards, blogs and wikis for real-time collaborations in a virtual environment. Supported by DARPA and industrial sponsors,  we are providing cdmHUB as a free platform for all users. Our  technical focus is on design and manufacturing of composites (materials featuring anisotropy and heterogeneity at length scale larger than micron). I think much of your work are relevant to this platform. To get a test of its capabilities, you can try to use your favorite device to carry out a multiscale constitutive modeling of textile composites at To understand more about this platform, please see



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Dear Wenbin Yu
I'm looking for something like that. Recently I'm working with ANSYS and ABAQUS scripting and looking for a platform that can execute scripts without the need of a cumbersome program installed in users' computer.
Could you tell me more about your platform? Is it something like cloud computing? Does it need a computing server where many cae programs take job from users? 

Best regards, 

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Yes, it is an integration of cloud computing with social-technical network. Aamazon Web Service provides all the computing needs for this platform. 

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