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Turn your computer codes into Apps connected to HPC in the Cloud

Dear Imechanicians, I hope this turns out to be useful for some of you who are interested in sharing their computer codes. We are working on a free platform,, to allow users to quickly turn your scripts into Apps connected with HPC power in the cloud. Currently, the system can easily handle Linux or Windows executables. We are developing new functionalities so that other typical scripts such as Abaqus UMATs, Python scripts, matlab scripts can also be disseminated as launchable Apps in cloud.

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cdmHUb Hands-on Workshop for Composites Learning, Teaching and Research in the Cloud

Join us at the American Society for Composites 31st Technical Conference (Williamsburg, VA) for a hands-on workshop, on September 18, from 7:00–9:00pm, on how to use for composites learning, teaching, and research in the cloud. This workshop features an overview of the cdmHUB cyberinfrastructure, and how to use cdmHUB for learning, teaching, and research.

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Share/run engineering simulation codes in the cloud

I know the mechanics community have many codes to share. If you have developed engineering software including legacy Windows codes or linux codes, you can easily publish your code in the cloud and have it run on any devices including smart phones through The codes could be simple codes you wrote for your dissertation or comprehensive commerical package like ABAQUS or ANSYS. You don't have to change your code, no source codes are needed. All you need to do is to upload your executable through a very straight forward way which only takes a few minutes.

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