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Problem with Crack in Franc3d

Hello Everybody

I´ve got problem with propagating the crack in two regions at the same time in Franc3d. I initialized the crack in one region and propagated it, but the crack is propagating only in one region, although the crack should be propagated also in second region. Can anyone help me, pleease? Which steps do I need to take to obtain the propagation in first and second region? It´s imposibble to initialize the same crack in two regions? 



 Dear Sir..

I'm student of Aerospace Engineering, ITB, Indonesia. I put my concern in Crack analysis at Rotor Disc Rolls Royce Engine Tay-650-15 as my final assignment. But I found some difficulties to search related topics to do that in detail (i.e book refferencse, engineeering journal, tips and trics, etc.)


Would you please to help me????


Thanks in advance,


Best Regards,



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Dear Colleague.

try this page, in case you already didn´t . Maybe you will find related topics , books , references or tips for your problem

hi  handa

good to know that u r also looking crack initiation and progation of crack in rotor..

well i would like to which FEM tool u r using , as i am using ABAQUS for my application.

so can u share your experience..




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