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User defined contact output (at contact pairs)

Hi all,

I am using FRIC subroutine to calculate some parameters from CPRESS and NT11 (temperature) values at the contact interfaces. I want to visualize these calculated parameters in an ODB. Normally, outputs such as CPRESS or COPEN are defined as contact outputs and treated different than regular elemental outputs like stress or nodal outputs like displacement. Since FRIC subroutine loops only among the nodes at the contact pairs, it is not straightforward to write the calculated values to a state dependent variable (SDV) and visualize it (STATEV does not exist for subroutines that iterate on nodes).

So far, the closest I can get is to transfer the values to UFIELD subroutine through global variables and define a user-defined field in it. I can visualize these values by requesting the output 'FV' from the field output requests. However, my observation is that while visualizing, the values for the nodes at the interface are distributed to the whole element. Therefore, the visualized value is not the same as what is defined in the UFIELD subroutine for that node (it is exactly the half of it, since 4 nodes of the element has the value and for the other 4, the value is zero). Please check the picture "Visualization with UFIELD".

I want the results as they are for the CPRESS output (only at the contact interface). Please check the picture "Desired visualization form". 

Is such a thing possible? How can I create a user-defined contact output?


Ozan Celik

Image icon Visualization with UFIELD220.05 KB
Image icon Desired visualization form63.75 KB
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