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New book. Advanced Topics in Nonsmooth Dynamics.

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Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the publication of the transactions of the European Network on nonsmooth Dynamics edited by R. Leine, V. Acary and O. Bruls



  • Comparisons of Multiple-Impact Laws For Multibody Systems: Moreau’s Law, Binary Impacts, and the LZB Approach
    Nguyen, Ngoc Son (et al.)
    Pages 1-45

    PreviewBuy Chapter 29,94 € 
  • Variational Analysis of Inequality Impact Laws for Perfect Unilateral Constraints
    Winandy, Tom (et al.)
    Pages 47-92
  • Periodic Motions of Coupled Impact Oscillators
    James, Guillaume (et al.)
    Pages 93-134
  • Mathematical Aspects of Vibro-Impact Problems
    Paoli, Laetitia
    Pages 135-189
  • Nonsmooth Modal Analysis: From the Discrete to the Continuous Settings
    Thorin, Anders (et al.)
    Pages 191-234


  • Variational and Numerical Methods Based on the Bipotential and Application to the Frictional Contact
    Saxcé, Géry
    Pages 235-267
  • Passive Control of Differential Algebraic Inclusions - General Method and a Simple Example
    Lamarque, Claude-Henri (et al.)
    Pages 269-289
  • Experimental Validation of Torsional Controllers for Drilling Systems
    Wouw, N. (et al.)
    Pages 291-334
  • On the Constraints Formulation in the Nonsmooth Generalized- αMethod
    Brüls, Olivier (et al.)
    Pages 335-374
  • On Solving Contact Problems with Coulomb Friction: Formulations and Numerical Comparisons
    Acary, Vincent (et al.)
  • Pages 375-457




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