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2018 Melosh Medal Winners and Finalists

The (tied) winners of the 2018 Robert J. Melosh Medal are A. Krischok
 (Stanford University) and A. Vidyasagar (Caltech).

A. Krischok
 presented the paper "The relevance of variational inequalities for the stability of mixed methods based on multi-field saddle point functionals" and A. Vidyasagar presented the paper "Predicting instability-induced pattern evolution through spectral quasiconvexification." Congratulations to both!


Congratulations also to the other finalists that are listed below, with the respective presented papers:

T. Chapman (Stanford University), "Data-Driven Numerical Quadrature for Finite Elements"

P. Fernandez (MIT), "The hybridized discontinuous Galerkin methods for large-eddy simulation of transitional and turbulent flows"

A. Gholami (UT Austin), "An Inverse Problem Framework with Reaction Diffusion Model Coupled with Linear Elasticity Equations"

Kenan Kergrene (École Polytechnique de Montréal), "A new goal-oriented formulation of the finite element method"

L. H. Nguyen (U. Minnesota), "An iterative local corrector scheme for the multiscale finite element method"


A few pictures of the award ceremony are attached at the link:

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