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subroutine interface to visit nodal displacements in Abaqus

I wonder if there is any subroutine interface to have access to nodal ( not integral point ) displacement in abaqus DURING the analysis phase.  Suppose I have a field that is going to be used in UMAT and that is dependent on  displacements of all nodes (presumably stored in an array) from the last increment. Is this possible to be implemented within Abaqus?

Thank you all !


Dear Oskar,

You can try to do following

1. At t=0, Store the coordinates in a state variable, these will the initial coordinates. for example

if (time(2) .eq. 0.0) then

Statev(1:3) = COORD(1:3)

end if

@. In UMAT, COORD are the current coordinates so for each time you try DISP(1) = COORD(1) - Statev(1). This gives you the displacement of the intergration point.


Once the simulation is finished then  you open the ODB and confirm if the integration point displacement is same as nodal or how much is the difference. IF you can live with this difference then ttry this method.



I dont think there is any subroutine to do so. You will have to use a different method which is long and complex.

Try the above and see what happens.

Good luck

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Good luck




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