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Nonlinear Mechanics of Accretion

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We formulate a geometric nonlinear theory of the mechanics of accretion. In this theory the reference configuration of an accreting body is represented by a time-dependent Riemannian manifold with a time-independent metric that at each point depends on the state of deformation at that point at its time of attachment to the body, and on the way the new material is added to the body. We study the incompatibilities induced by accretion through the analysis of the material metric and its curvature in relation to the foliated structure of the accreted body. Balance laws are discussed and the initial-boundary value problem of accretion is formulated. The particular cases where the growth surface is either fixed or traction-free are studied and some analytical results are provided. We numerically solve several accretion problems and calculate the residual stresses in nonlinear elastic bodies induced from accretion.

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