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A tutorial on Bayesian inference in mechanics

Hussein Rappel's new paper is out.

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35 PhD positions open - apply online University of Luxembourg Shape optimisation directly from CAD 

Stress analysis without meshing

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35 PhD positions open - apply online

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Plenary talk at DAMAS2017, Kitakyushu, Japan
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2017 Short course Lecture Notes, CISM, Udine, Italy

Recent papers

What makes Data Science different?
Energy-minimal crack growth 
Uncertainty quantification for soft tissue biomechanics
Needle insertion real-time simulation and error control
Bayesian parameter identification in mechanics

Stéphane P.A. BORDAS
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Other course material STEPHANE Try out MuLib  35 PhD positions open - apply online http://emea3.mrt... analysis

Polyhedral elements — Stéphane BORDAS Try out MuLib  35 PhD positions open - apply online http://emea3.mrt... +352 621 131 048http://www.legato-team.eu of Computational MechanicsSpecial Advisor to the Rectorate on Scientific ComputingUniversity of Luxembourg---------------------------------------------Recent papers 2017 Seminar Oxford Mechanical Sciences  What makes Data Science different? Error control in deep brain stimulation simulations Energy-minimal crack growth  Uncertainty Quantification in biomechanics  Real-time error estimation for needle insertion  Bayesian parameter identification in mechanics Error Control for Surgical Simulation
Shape optimization directly from CAD: An isogeometric boundary element a...
Linear smoothed polygonal and polyhedral finite elements


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