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How to automate surface creation in Abaqus ?

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I would like to create a surface (on top side of a cube) in Abaqus

I am aware of doing it manually by using the following in GUI :


1) Tools->Surface-> Create

2) Select regions for surface by the angle


This is what I tried and failed :

1.    Obtained all the nodes belonging to a face

2.    Obtained all the elements connected to the nodes of step 1

3.    Created an surface using the elements obtained in step 2 by appending the following lines in the .inp file

*Elset, elset=_Surf-1_S1, internal


( contains the list of all elements in step 2)


*Surface, type=ELEMENT, name=Surf-1

_Surf-1_S1, S1


Expected output and the output I got using the above process is provide din the link:


Could anyone guide me through the creation of surface with Python interface or directly appending information to the .inp file

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Assuming it is a quad (and not tetra mesh), such type of irregular selection often arises due to inconsistent element surface normals. Another thing I remember from the time I used to do similar work is that the ordering of faces of each element also needs to be consistent. 


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