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Extreme enhancement of interfacial adhesion by bulk patterning of sacrificial cuts

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Sacrificial bonds and hidden length mechanisms are leveraged by many biological systems for enhanced ductility and toughness. in a series of previous papers we modeled this mechanism at the level of collagen fibrils:

And more recently, we extended the mode to 2D fibrils:

In our most recent EML papee, listed below, we further leverage this mechanism in developing secondary sacrificial interfaces that act as fuses that break before the primary interface leading to extreme enhancement in ductility and work of adhesion.

The paper is accessible here:


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Very interesting! Thanks for sharing. I will definitely have a more careful look at these papers. We are also interested in the sacrificial bond and hidden length mechanism. We use a fluid mechanical instability to create microstructured fibers with these sacrificial bonds. We play with the instability parameters to tune the mechanical properties of the fibres accordingly.



  1. Zou, S., Therriault, D., Gosselin, F.P. “Failure mechanisms of coiling fibers with sacrificial bonds made by instability-assisted fused deposition modeling” Soft Matter, 2018, 14 (48), 9777-9785
  2. Passieux, R., Guthrie, L., Hosseini Rad, S., Lévesque, M., Therriault, D., Gosselin, F.P. “Instability-Assisted Direct Writing of Micro-Structured Fibers featuring Sacrificial Bonds” Advanced Materials, doi:10.1002/adma.201500603 


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Dear Frederick, thank you for your valuable feedback. My student brought your recent Soft Matter paper to my attention a couple of weeks ago and we found it very intriguing. Thanks for sharing the Advanced Material paper here. I think you have found a very robust way towards realizing these sacrificial systems and that could significantly broaden their practical application. I look forward to further discussions with you on this topic.

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