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Supporting high quality candidates in the coming MSCA-IF call

I am looking to support potential high quality candidates for the coming MSCA-IF call to join my group. The postdoc will work in my group (at University of Nottingham, Faculty of Engineering, Centre for Structural Engineering and Informatics) on an interdisciplinary subject related to materials science or computational mechanics of masonry or concrete structures (new or old materials are possible). We provide an interdisciplinary environment with extensive computational modeling and experimental testing facilities in one of the world renowned universities in the field of Engineering. We also have extensive experience in successful MSCA applications and can therefore provide a unique support.

The candidate should have an excellent track record and experience in numerical modeling or experimental analysis/testing of the materials/structures at various scales.

For further information candidates should directly contact me, Dr. Bahman Ghiassi, using my professional email address (

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