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Proposal Submission Deadline: May 31, 2019
Next Generation Paradigms for Additive Manufacturing and Metallic Printing
A book edited by Prof. H. A. Abdel-Aal (Drexel University)
Multidimensional (3-4-D) printing of metallic materials is a powerful transforming technology. It offers the potential of revolutionizing the way many functional objects are manufactured. This technology can impact cost, time, and shape-form of manufactured parts. It also leverages the flexibility in the so-called tool path, whence it offers the potential for manufacturing complex constructs deemed costly and time prohibitive if implemented through conventional methods.
Printing comprises building an object a layer-by-layer mode. This furnishes a true possibility for customization properties in the layers, embedding sensory, and functionalized the resulting object. That is, printing permits customization of an object to meet precise functional demands or to morph its shape in the response to operational constraints.
Being a fairly new technology, printing, for the most part may be considered as fledgeling art that would potentially move into a disciplined science. Many aspects of the technology are currently considered as relatively a black art with dynamic knowledge and regulatory gaps. Filling those gaps is essential to structure the technology towards fulfilling it’s promised technical potential.
The book aims to initiate a dynamic dialogue between the stakeholders of the technology. The goal of this dialogue is first to appraise the state of the art in theoretical and experimental efforts in current practice; and second to device potential remedies for the main technical gaps faced by practitioners in this field. It is hoped that the book will assist in honing the efforts of theorists, experimentalist, and practicing engineers toward maturation of the field.
Recommended topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Functional materials and structures
• Effect of powder consistency on quality of printed objects
• Micro-structure evolution, prediction, and control during printing
• The role of interfaces in the seamless layer-by-layer building of functional systems
• Effect of the printing process on the tribological performance of parts.
• In-situ and post-production inspection
• Performance prediction and optimization techniques (theoretical-numerical-hybrid)
• Post process inspection and verification and potential for standardization
• Future paradigms for part-printing-schemes
• Top-bottom and bottom-top approaches and geometrical optimization
• Post-processing Techniques
• Metrological issues and standardization of printed surfaces
• Tribological performance of printed parts
• Bio-inspired printing paradigms
• Mutual technical gaps in Polymeric and Metallic printing
• Mechanical properties of printed materials in comparison to conventionally produced parts
• Post-processing strategies subtractive treatment of printed parts

Submission Procedure
Potential contributors are invited to submit on or before May 31, 2019, a chapter proposal of 5,00 to 1,000 words clearly explaining the scope of his or her proposed chapter. Authors will be notified by June 15, 2019 about the status of their proposals and sent chapter guidelines. Full chapters are expected to be submitted by July 12, 2019, and all interested authors must consult the guidelines for manuscript submissions at prior to submission. All submitted chapters will be used peer reviewed. Some contributors may also be requested to serve as reviewers for this project.
Note: There are no submission or acceptance fees for manuscripts submitted to this book publication, Next Generation Paradigms for Additive Manufacturing and Metallic Printing. All manuscripts are accepted based on a double-blind peer review editorial process.
All proposals should be submitted through the editorial Discovery®TM online submission
This book is scheduled to be published by IGI Global (formerly Idea Group Inc.), an international academic publisher. For additional information regarding the publisher, please visit This publication is anticipated to be released in 2019.
Important Dates
May 31, 2019: Proposal submission deadline
June 15Th, 2019: Notification of acceptance
Jul 12th , 2019: Full chapter submission
Aug 25th , 2019: Review results due to authors
Sep 22, 2019: Revisions due from authors
Oct 6, 2019: Final acceptance notification
Inquiries can be forwarded to
Prof. Hisham A Abdel-Aal
Drexel University

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