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Special Issue "Advances in Architectural Acoustics"

Journal Applied Sciences

Dear Colleagues,

Satisfactory acoustics is crucial for the ability of spaces such as auditoriums and lecture rooms to perform their primary function. The acoustics of dwellings and offices greatly affects the quality of our life, since we are all consciously or subconsciously aware of the sounds to which we are daily subjected. Architectural acoustics, which encompasses room and building acoustics, is the scientific field that deals with these topics and can be defined as the study of generation, propagation, and effects of sound in enclosures. Modeling techniques, as well as related acoustic theories for accurately calculating the sound field, have been the center of many major new developments. In addition, the image conveyed by a purely physical description of sound would be incomplete without regarding human perception; hence, the interrelation between objective stimuli and subjective sensations is a field of important investigations.

A holistic approach in terms of research and practice is the optimum way for solving the perplexing problems which arise in the design or refurbishment of spaces, since current trends in contemporary architecture, such as transparency, openness, and preference for bare sound-reflecting surfaces are continuing pushing the very limits of functional acoustics. The aim of this Special Issue is to gather advances in architectural acoustics, which we hope could inspire researchers and acousticians to explore new directions in this age of scientific convergence. In the Special Issue, we welcome both original research papers and review articles based on diverse topics, with architectural acoustics as a reference point, such as:

Computational acoustics;
Acoustic measurements;
Sound sources;
Sound absorbers and diffusers;
Acoustic comfort, annoyance;
Intelligibility of speech in rooms;
Design of concert or conference halls;
Historical halls acoustics;
Worship spaces acoustics.

Scientists working in this broad field are invited to present their work.

Dr. Nikolaos M. Papadakis
Prof. Dr. Massimo GARAI
Prof. Dr. Georgios E. Stavroulakis
Guest Editors

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