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Snap-back induced hysteresis in an elastic mechanical metamaterial under tension

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We combine experiment and finite element simulation and come up with a design of a mechanical metamaterial which demonstrates snap-back induced hysteresis and energy dissipation. The resultant is an elastic system that can be used reversibly for many times. The underlying mechanism of existence of hysteresis and the physics of snap-back induced elastic instability is unveiled. Our results open an avenue for design and implementation of recoverable energy dissipation devices by harnessing mechanical instability.

The paper can be found here.


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We clarify the difference between snap-through and snap-back instabilities. Snap-through instability occurs in a load-control case, where jump of displacement occurs even without increase of force when the controlled loading reaches a critical vale. In constrast, snap-back instability occurs in a displacement-control case, where jump of force occurs without increase of displacement. 

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 The supplementary materials of the paper describes numerical algorithms we used for modeling of soft mechanical metamaterials. For a RVE of a mechanical metamaterial with periodic units, we performed RVE analysis and enforced periodic boundary conditions. Various algorithms provided in ABAQUS were utilized and the results are compared and provided in the supplementary material. Both force-control and displacement-control simulations were performed and compared. For the RVE in FIG. 1(a), it exhibits snap-through instability in force-control but is always stable in a displacement-control loading. It does have hysteresis in displacement-control. For the RVE in FIG. 2(a), it has both snap-through and snap-back instabilities in force-control and displacement-control loading conditions. Snap-back instability induces hysteresis in this case. 

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